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Water Leak Detection & Remediation

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Water Leak Detection
Shower Leak Repair
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On-Tile Membrane
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Shower leak Remediation

Our tailored solutions are assessed and quoted on site free of charge.

A leaking shower can be a confronting, scary and frustrating issue, particularly when water is leaking to adjacent walls, to the level below, to the carpet outside or simply out into the bathroom. Mouldy walls and ceilings, damp carpets and excessive water in the bathroom post-shower are typically sure signs of a shower leak. This can be determined on site.

Generally, if your substrate remains sturdy and there is sufficient fall to waste we can offer services that don’t require your tiles be replaced. More often than not, the water leak will be traced back to the shower recess where there is a deteriorated or lack of a perimeter sealant and the bond breaker underneath has failed. This is usually accompanied by cracks in the floor and wall grout, and mouldy silicone/grout.

Our services include:

Water leak detection: at no cost we can visit your premises, utilizing a number of methods including thermal imaging chase the source of the water leak.

1.       Removal of existing floor and wall grout

2.       Removal of existing sealant all horizontal and vertical junctions

3.       Removal of mold & surface contaminants, prime and clean

4.       Application of mold resistant grout to walls

5.       Application of mold resistant Cementitious grout to floor. Epoxy grout is also available.

6.       Application of mold resistant polysiloxane silicone with 700% elongation at break to shower recess

7.       Application of mold resistant silicone to all horizontal & vertical junctions


In some circumstances an on-tile membrane may be suggested


8.       Wipe down – removal of grout residue

9.       Application of a 2-coat clear polyurethane waterproofing membrane.

Clear Remedial Membrane’s two coat system is a clear, hybrid water based, aliphatic polyurethane waterproofing membrane applied at a thickness of 500 microns. It is a class 1 membrane with a 50% elongation at break. The membrane is uv stable and trafficable, ideal for leaking shower repair, and leaking balcony repair.

“Why is my shower leaking ?”

Correctly installed waterproofing systems are of utmost importance in wet areas and element exposed building components alike.

Despite waterproofing failures being the most common building defect, causing the most detrimental damage and incurring the greatest rectification cost. They unfortunately receive an unequivocal lack of care and attention.

There are many intricacies to be considered when designing a water proofing system such as substrate and primer compatibility, movement factors and bond breaker suitability.

Over time, as structural and substrate movement occur, incorrectly installed bond-breakers will tear and a leaking shower pan may develop.

Simultaneously this movement will cause shower grout to crack, mould to develop and shower recess’ to fail as water gets in from behind.

“can you fix my leaking shower without removing any tiles?”

As a general guideline, your shower leak can be repaired   without removing tiles if there is adequate fall to waste and if the screed bed has retained sufficient structural integrity.

You can easily check these yourself by ensuring:

  1. Water does not pool in one corner or on one side of your shower.
  2. By applying pressure to the floor tiles, which should remain firm, and checking for drummy tiles by knocking on them.

If you are still unsure, we can arrange for a thorough inspection of your shower leak at no cost. In the majority of cases, we are able to sustainably administer shower leak repair without removing any tiles.

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