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Water Leak Detection & Remediation

Sustainable, tailored above-tile solutions
Certified installers of 'Clear Remedial Membrane' trademarked, trafficable, elastic and UV resistant products
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Our Services

Water Leak Detection
Balcony Leak Repair
Rejuvenation & Regrouting
On-Tile Membrane
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Balcony leak Remediation

Our tailored solutions are assessed and quoted on site free of charge.

Generally, if your substrate remains sturdy and there is sufficient fall to waste, gutters or spitters we can offer services that don’t require your tiles be replaced.

While there are many variables with leaking balconies, more often than not, the water leak will be traced to areas of pooling where mold, calcification and cracks in the grout will also be present. Wear and tear, insufficient water dispersion, building movement and human error are common contributors to leaking balconies.

Our services include:

Water leak detection: at no cost we can visit your premises and utilizing a number of methods including thermal imaging chase the source of the water leak.

1.       High pressure hydrochloric acid wash to balcony

2.       Removal of mold, calcification & surface contaminants, prime and clean


2 days dry time


3.       Removal of existing grout (if opting for full re-grout)

4.       Removal of existing sealant all horizontal and vertical junctions

5.       Application of mold resistant Cementitious grout to floor

6.       Application of mold resistant, uv stable neutral cure silicone with 500% elongation at break to balcony perimeter and all other junctions/penetrations

Day 3

7.       Wipe down – removal of grout residue

8.       Application of a clear polyurethane waterproofing membrane.

Clear Remedial Membrane’s two coat system is a clear, hybrid water based, aliphatic polyurethane waterproofing membrane applied at a thickness of 500 microns. It is a class 1 membrane with a 50% elongation at break. The membrane is uv stable and trafficable, ideal for leaking shower repair, and leaking balcony repair.

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